Welcome to the official Homepage of ICOM
Welcome to the official Homepage of ICOM

About ICOM

International Academy of Advanced Interdisciplinary Dentistry

The International Conference of Occlusion Medcine (former name: Academy of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (IAAID)) was founded in 2006 by a group of international dentists who have studied together for several years and have multiple and different degrees and certificate. The Academy was formed to bring together all professionals who have studied the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID).

The fundamental mission is to provide an Academy dedicated to doctors treating complex cases demanding extensive diagnoses and treatment plans and providing educational meetings to promote interdisciplinary research and clinical excellence.

Main concern is the understanding of “normal” function and dysfunction and knowledge of the evolutionary development of the masticatory organ.
Secondary mission is to provide comprehensive meeting, congresses and study groups.

In the beginning was a group of few tens of members, aiming for knowledge but during the first IAAID Congress held in Vienna in october 2006 with Dr Rory O’Neil as Past President and Dr. Dave Grove as President the group expand near to reach 100 members. During the Congress IAAID started a scientific joint venture with AIG, the reference gnatological society of Italy and IAAID was invited by the President Dr Eugenio Tanteri to be part of the international congress “Gnatology” in Torino, Italy in october 2007.
October 2008, in Krems, on Donau University Campus, IAAID organized the first Consensus Conference on Interdisciplinary Dentistry. Scientific Committee: Prof. Slavicek, Prof Orthlieb, Prof Sato, Prof Bracco; almost 400 participants from 37 countries contributed to give international scientific value to the event.

The Academy is expanding in size, countries and knowledge; new branches arise: PAAID in Portugal, IAAID-Asia in Japan, IAAID-branch in Russia.

By now there are more than 200 active members contributing to the ideas of IAAID worldwide.

Meetings, Workshops, Courses throughout the world make sure to make Prof. Slaviceks and Prof. Satos philosophy known to the international dental society  in conceptual dental thinking and structured treatment planning patients is the future task of IAAID.

Also there have been grown close cooperations with internationally reknown universities around the globe; e.g: Medical University of Vienna/Austria, Kanagawa Dental University/Japan, South Medical University, Guangzhou/China, Central Medical University, Beijing/China, Western Medical University, Chengdu/China, Prince-Phillip-University, Hong-Kong/China, Eastern Medical University, Shanghai/China, University of Egaz-Moniz, Lisbon/Portugal, University of Illinois Chicago,Chicago,IL/USA, Harvard Univerisity, Cambridge,MA/USA, Tufts University,Boston,MA/USA, Medical University of Bogota/Columbia, Medical University of Bonn/Germany.

Meanwhile IAAID is collaborating with the “Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry” (VieSID) and several other institutes around the world to provide structured and detailed basic and advanced education to intellectual dentists.



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